We are a a second generation, Missouri based, insurance agency that specializes in livestock, exotic animal mortality, and stable liability insurance in the lower 48 states.  Some of the coverage we offer are as follows.


 Commercial Equine Liability


Commercial Equine Liability coverage is very important if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as BOARDING, INSTRUCTION, TRAINING, BREEDING, TRAIL RIDES OR HAY RIDES along with any other types of Commercial Equine Actives.   Some states have Equine Laws that can offer some protection for commercial equine operator, but many other exposures are not covered under these laws.    For that reason, Commercial Equine Liability provides coverage if you are sued by a third party who is injured, or whose property is damaged.  One of the best reason for liability coverage, and not often thought of, is it provides DEFENSE COST if you are sued.   This type of policy also pays all claim for which you are legally liable up to the policy limits.

Full Mortality and Named Perils coverage


In most cases the policies have Colic Surgery (up to $3000 ) included at no cost.
Additional coverage are also available by endorsement (Surgical/ Medical & Loss of use).
In most cases, we can insure horses up to $25,000 with no veterinarian check.

 Care, Custody & Control


This is the most overlooked and most important coverage offered to the Commercial Equine operator.

If you do any type of Boarding, Breeding, Training, or have horses owned by other people at your farm or stable you should have this type of coverage.   If a non-owned horse is injured or dies while in your care, and you or one of your farm hands are found to be negligent, this coverage will provide medical care or replacement cost up to the policy limits.  Tailoring is automatically included in the coverage for up to 100 miles radius from your facility.  Additional transit coverage for the continental U.S. & Canada is available.




Personal Horse Owners Liability Coverage


If you participate in shows or parades or other events, we strongly recommend that you take a close look at this type of coverage.    You may be surprised to know that most farm and ranch policies only cover liability that you may be legally liable for while on your farm or ranch premises or if your horse get out on his own and causes damage to others.   In most cases when you take your horse off premises for a show or parade or other events, your farm liability may stop.   This could leave you wide open should you horse hurt someone or damage someone’s personal property or another horse.

 Personal Horse Owners Liability Coverage is very affordable and well worth looking in to.


This is a very brief description of the above coverage; for that reason policy wording should be checked.  Our staff will be more then happy to explain in more detail the coverage listed above and answer any other questions you may have regarding you Equine Insurance needs.