We are an independent insurance agency, specializing in the field of Livestock Mortality Insurance and Stable Liability.

For over 100 years, service and protection to our policyholders has been our primary concern, and customer service is our number one priority. Our offices are staffed with representatives who are friendly, courteous, highly trained professionals. These qualities, combined with the use of only top rated insurance companies, have proven very successful over the years.

At Chrislin, we don’t claim to be the biggest or the oldest, but our extensive experience has allowed us to offer or policyholders the specialized services they need, with the personal services they deserve.

So don’t let yourself be fooled by fancy advertisement and gimmicks, when you are dealing with Chrislin Insurance Agency, you are dealing with an industry leader, which will go the extra mile to search out the best companies and best premium for your needs.

We would like the opportunity to show you what we mean and be of service to you.